YNW Melly’s Debut “We All Shine” is a Ballad of Trials and Tribulations


Stream Melly’s New Album

YNW Melly has seen his star shine exponentially brighter than most his peers in a short time. What makes him stand apart from most is his natural ability to carry a tune with a surprisingly gentle voice while boasting about street life at times (Robbery) or detailing the woes that come with having such a dangerous lifestyle. Giving his album a play for the first time, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it from front to back. One of the standout tracks, “Mixed Personalities (f/ Kanye West)” was accompanied with a video which was directed by talented director Cole Bennett. Another great track from the album was his “No Holidays” song where Melly describes missing out on special moments due to being locked away in a prison. Although it sounds good sonically, this is a harsh reality for a lot of young Black men who have their lives ruined by lengthy prison sentences before they’re able to see the ages of 21. Melly is the voice for a lot of voiceless teens across urban America and paints a stark reality of what is really transpiring in today’s streets. Listen to the album and let us know which tracks were your favorites.




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