Watch Melly the Menace and Foolie Rock the Block

Forewarning: You may want to turn your bass down a little before pressing play, this one is a thumper. Melly and Foolie use this time to wreak havoc on a very heavy instrumental. While Melly and Foolie bring foreigns to the projects they spend their time throwing up their respective sets. Melly does most of the heavy-lifting as he does the chorus and eviscerates his verse as well. Melly didn’t present much of this style on his latest release, but I feel this is where he is at his best. His sporadic and tense delivery complements the bass-laden beat to a tee. It’s looking like this is Melly’s year as he started the year off pretty strong with his We All Shine album that has been well received by many and even scored a Kanye West feature on it as well. Hold on to your seats, Melly is about to blast off into the stratosphere.