Watch The Weeknd & Gesaffelstein’s New Video for their “Lost in the Fire” Track

The Weeknd & Gesaffelstein Connect to Release Cerebral Track

2019 is less than two weeks in and we’re already being gifted new Abel. The Weeknd links up with French-producer Gesaffelstein to sing about things “Lost in the Fire”. The lyrics are chilling and we hear The Weeknd holding onto the remnants of his fractured love for someone as their relationship as been stained by mishaps from both parties. Although he claims at one point he has had a girl per night, it leaves him empty on the inside and would presumably want the one he loves by his side instead.

The video matches the song perfectly as we see both the artist and producer surrounded by darkness, which may allude to feeling a deep emptiness The Weeknd sings about throughout the track. Then towards the end, we see an older man approaching a young woman as if to say men want the woman of their dreams to wait for them while they (the men) live their best lives. Especially when the younger woman goes to kiss the skeleton, the man (the weekend) is dead inside and doesn’t have all the things that she has to offer him. That’s my take anyway, enjoy watching the video and have a great Friday!

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