Sony Releases “Spider-Man: Far from Home” Trailer


Sony Pictures Gives Fans the First Look at Far from Home

The time has come. Following much speculation, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man receives the sequel he deserves. Well, hopefully at least. You might want to press play above before you read the rest of what I have I to say… Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, so, I am not looking forward to this one, personally. This trailer is poorly done for a few reasons. Sure, it looks like it will be a fun little action flick with some cutesy moments here and there. However, Sony’s approach to movie rollouts has been suspect to say the least. Firstly, this is supposedly a teaser trailer. And yet it is nearly three minutes long. This is no tease; it’s damn near the whole film in one sitting. They stripped any element of surprise or wonder from us as viewers. Far from Home now mirrors its predecessor. When the trailer for Homecoming arrived, the promotion was endless. Four different trailers played non-stop, thus revealing the entire plot. Here we run into a similar issue. Secondly, hero’s aid and villain reveals come and go like they aren’t the most interesting aspects of the movie. C’mon, man…

Honestly, I’ve been tired of the superhero assembly line machine. These movies pop out at ridiculous pace all for the sake of box office profits. I’m not saying Far from Home will be complete garbage or anything like that. Nevertheless, I do believe it will be another underwhelming addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How a team crafts their movie trailers tells you a lot about the amount of time and care that went into making their film. Here I expect an almost carbon copy of the first film, just with a new villain and a new love story. Young people will eat it up; numbers will be up; the process will continue. This is simply how it goes. My question, though, is: When will we demand more from our mainstream media?

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