The Porsche Taycan Will Come With 3 Years of Free Charging

The Porsche Taycan Will Come With 3 Years of Free Charging!

One of the most talked about all-electric vehicles will get some more hype before it hits the streets. Porsche recently announced that their new all-electric Taycan will come with three years of free charging. Yes you read that correctly.

The German automaker has partnered with Electrify America to give new Taycan owners three years of unlimited charges at 30-minutes per use. Electrify America currently owns 500 highway charging stations throughout the United States. Furthermore, all 191 Porsche dealerships with include fast-charging stations to help promote the Taycan’s 2020 release.

The Taycan is Porsche’s first entry in the electric vehicle market. Reports say the car features proprietary battery technology that can recharge at a rate of 350 kilowatts. If this is true, that’s three faster than Tesla‘s current batteries. What this means is, if you charge a Taycan for 4 mins. You’ll get 60 miles of range! That my friend is remarkable.

We’re expecting the Porsche Taycan to be officially unveiled at this years Frankfurt Motor Show. Porsche announced they plan on making 20,000 to 40,000 units. Their’s no official price on any of the Taycan models just yet, but expect them to hit showrooms in 2020 for around $90,000 USD to $140,000 USD depending on the model. For more automotive news, BMW Unveils Their Wireless Electric Car Charging Station.