Kyrie Irving’s Mean Streak Spells Doom for the East

Sports Illustrated
Kyrie has Found his Groove

Everything in life is full circle. About three years ago, Kyrie Irving was on top of the world after hitting one of the clutchest shots in NBA history as he and the LeBron James-led Cavaliers took down the historical juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors. Shortly after, their relationship deteriorated and Kyrie cited that he wanted to lead his own team and step out of LeBron’s massive shadow (pun intended).

Well he got his wish as he is now the unsung leader of the young and fiery Boston Celtics, but he is recently noticing how hard being a leader is. The Celtics are coming off a season where I’d say they overachieved by reaching the Eastern Conference Finals without Kyrie and Gordon Hayward suiting up.

Fast forward to this season, everyone expected the Celtics to dominate the east and be the number one seed with no competitors in sight. The Toronto Raptors acquired Kawhi Leonard and have since boasted the best record in the east while the Celts found themselves middling around the 5th seed recently.

Almost a week ago Kyrie spoke out against his team saying they want to be good, but they don’t want to work for it and he called LeBron to apologize because Kyrie felt entitled back in his Cleveland days and didn’t want to be led. He sees himself in these young, great talents that don’t know the sacrifices it takes to hoist the trophy.

Since then, Kyrie has been playing lights out. In the last five games, all wins btw, Kyrie has put up insane numbers with the best statistical night coming against the Toronto Raptors. His stat-line? Oh 27 points with a mere 18 assists and 5 boards. During the clutchest moments of that game Kyrie had either scored or assisted on baskets down the stretch.

Take a moment to watch the highlights to that game above and keep an eye out for the Kyrie led Celtics, they’re picking up steam in an otherwise wide open Eastern Conference.