James Blake’s Eloquent New Album “Assume Form” is Out Now

James Blake Drops Another Instant Classic

James Blake’s fourth studio album “Assume Form” assumes the form of a masterpiece. With 12 tracks that finish up just under 50 minutes (48 minutes), don’t be surprised if you’re extending the play time because you keep replaying tracks over and over (and over). James Blake’s music is full as ever and makes you want to save room for dessert. From the beginning track “Assume Form” we’re greeted with gentle, air-bending vocals from Blake that is complemented very well with the production that plays a piano lent ballad backed with a haunting bass-line. Once the track begins to mature, an awesome sample joins the party to create a totally different vibe, this is all within the first track!

The album is really worth listening front to back, back to front and inside out. It features hip-hop heavyweights Andé 3000 and Travis Scott, as well as legendary producer Metro Booming. It is the “Barefoot in the Park” duet he shares with popular Spanish artist ROSALÍA that steals the show for me. It really gives me chills down my spine and make the  hairs on my neck stand at attention.

Give this album a play, then another and if you have a little more spare time, play it again. This is definitely some of Blake’s best work and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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