Game of Thrones SZN 8 Teaser 1 Breakdown

Game of Thrones SZN 8 Teaser 1 Breakdown

Thank the Seven and the Old, folks; our ceaseless prayers since 2017 have been answered. HBO has heard our [relentless] cries and we now have an official release date and some footage for Game Of Thrones season 8.

Ok, did I say footage? I mean tiny and strategic peeks at what could only be assumed are pivotal and important moments to come. HBO’s released a few teasers for us in the past few months, the first in August that graced us with a quick shot of  the Stark siblings, Sansa and Jon embracing.
Now I can’t even begin to describe how much this quick shot was analyzed by us die-hard fans all over the net. What does it mean??? *Double-Rainbow guy voice*. Why did they choose this shot? Why doesn’t this reunion look heartfelt and warm like back in season 6? Sansa’s eyes are looking extra blue, don’t tell me the night King’s got to her already?!?!

Well, most likely sensing our anxieties, HBO had a real snack for those of us who tuned into the Golden Globes a few Sunday’s back. New footage from the final season buried inside an HBO “first look” promo aired during the awards show. Face it, it had us all screaming like fan girls.

This clip tease showed what fans assumed is more from the previous shot above. Sansa, breaking from her embrace with Jon ultimately handing over Winterfell to the newly arrived Daenerys– and looking less than pleased at doing so.

Exhibit A: (at the 0:38 second marker)

Oooof! Catch that MAJOR side-eye at 0:43? Let’s break this down. If we’re being honest here, it would be safe to say Lady Stark is NOT feelin’ the Dragon Queen. I mean, given the history between the Targaryens and the Starks, it makes sense doesn’t it? The north remembers. Now agree to disagree if you’d like but I’m almost certain most of us would be holding a notorious grudge if someone’s daddy roasted our Grandfather and Uncle with wildfire. Just sayin’. It might also have something to do with pride. I say this because season 6 wasn’t very long ago. Sansa and her brother just got their home back from the bastard [no pun intended] that physically, emotionally and mentally abused her for months among others *cough, Reek/Theon, cough*. To add a cherry to the F-d up sundae, our dearly departed Ramsay pulled an Oliver Queen and nuked her little brother on their front yard. Now after all that hard work, after calling in the Vale, after losing Wun Wun, and all those doggy treats given in reward for the Bolton Hounds’ final act– she’s gotta hand it over.

‘Winterfell is yours, your grace.” She says disingenuously. No curtsy, no bend of the knee. Only mechanical formalities.

Shade is an understatement. Sansa’s look is served straight up, dark and full of terrors, over ice.

Now lets take a look at Daenerys. Not only is Sansa towering over her height-wise which is played up by the camera angle. She looks strangely out of place. Sticking out a bit like a sore thumb among all that grey. The Northerners are a grim folk. Yes, we love them but their cold environment leaks into their persona’s as well. Cold, proud and stern, they have little time for luxury and fashion usually wearing brooding looks, dark colors and chain mail. Now here comes Khaleesi, in all white from head (quite literally) to toe save for her red ascot. Now, HBO and the writers are very intelligent people. I have a nagging feeling like this was done on purpose, most likely to demonstrate how much of an outsider she’s perceived to be among them. Her expression/nod and blink I’ve narrowed down to be one of two things:

1. Smug acknowledgement of her place as Queen now that Sansa has ‘agreed’. Perhaps she feels her position is unassailable? With Jon on her arm cementing that notion.

2. Mildly cloaked discomfort and nervousness because she, like the audience can tell that Sansa does not mean a word of what she says.

Now I’ll play devils advocate for a second and say there’s a 3rd option: perhaps it’s an entirely different situation all together and she sincerely cares what Sansa thinks about her because she is in love with Jon and as a result, wants to make a good impression on his family. I mean she’s not flexing as she normally does. Daenerys’ usual modus operandi is to utilize intimidation as a tactic towards her enemies, showcasing her arsenal of man and firepower. And if we’re being entirely frank here, 9 times out of 10 it typically works to her advantage. However, Rhaegal and Drogon are nowhere in sight. No tanned complexions of the Dothraki or Unsullied gracing Winterfell’s courtyards either. Just Ser Jorah.


Jon on the other hand looks quite burdened. The poor guy has perpetual anxiety written ALL over his face. Now for all of us who watched the S7 finale (AKA boat-sex), this whole situation looks a bit like that awkward moment having to introduce your significant other to your family. Now throw in one icy apocalypse and the progeny of your family’s murderer and I can completely understand why Jon looks like he’s waiting for all hell to break loose. The northmen are honorable but never sycophantic. Maybe this is why he went in for the hug first? Diffuse the situation? “Be nice, Sansa.” Lol. I’m speculating here of course and over analyzing on only 4 seconds of footage at that but hey, it’s my job and at this point, I’ve realized nothing that the HBO writers do on this show, even in the trailers is without reason.

It could be safe to say that we should not sleep on Sansa here. She’s learned way too much from Cersei and the dearly departed Little-Finger. More than that, Sansa is still Littlefinger’s protege; she’s just an improvement on him. From what we remember about Petyr, would he openly start dissention or would he gladhand until an opportunity presented itself? I just don’t trust that she surrendered her home so quickly without a plan. Let’s look at one last parallel shall we?
Here. This shit right here. Like father like daughter?

Back in S1, Ned [RIP] utters the same words to his closest friend, Robert Baratheon. The difference is the whole of the Winterfell camp bent the knee when he arrived. There’s a smile on Ned and Robert’s faces. Genuine mirth. They’re happy to see each other. Sansa on the other hand is definitely NOT happy to see Mhysa. She’s also learned way too much about Westerosi politics to act on her true impulses here. Still, there are hints that this isn’t a warm welcome like the first season. No one is smiling [genuinely]. There’s an eerie air of tension and again, neither is anyone bowing to the mother of dragons as she enters. Perhaps Sansa isn’t the only one suspicious of our Valyrian blonde.

Speaking of Valyrians, now that we know Jon is not a Snow but a Reptilian-wielding Targaryen himself, will the north be so keen on accepting him [as King] with open arms?

With only 6 episodes left, will they even have time to squabble and play politics with the threat to the north making it’s way [VERY swiftly I might add] towards them in the south? Lest we forget the Night King has branded himself the new foster father to Viserion at the end of S7 and that dragon was pulling Barry Allen’s left and right bringing down that wall. I’d never seen something fly so fast.

Bottom line, it’s all bad.

But then again: Valar Morghulis, eh?

Stay tuned for the next teaser breakdown coming up!