Eclipse SZN: New Moon in Capricorn

New moon, who dis?

That’s right it’s eclipse SZN team. The very first eclipse of the 2019 new year. What’s this all about you ask?

Let’s begin.

The first eclipse of 2019  jumps off tomorrow, January 5th, at exactly 15 degrees Capricorn until the 6th. Now, for all of you that are savvy with all things astrological, you’ll know it’s Capricorn season, meaning the sun is currently traveling through the constellation of Capricorn. AKA the GOAT.

What’s that mean? A double whammy of the GOAT’s energy.

This one will be heavy – Capricorn is about clout, status, reality, regulations, rules and authority. All things that Saturn, its ruling planet rules. This is also a New Moon eclipse which means fresh starts, and they’ll be strictly defined by Zeus’ daddy (Saturn, father of time).

But wait, there’s more.

Throw in Zeus’ brother Pluto (AKA Hades), ruler of the underworld and the co-ruling planet of Scorpio as well, dredging up the things that lie beneath. Secrets, sex, obsessions, the truth you want to hide but you can’t. Both of the energies are conjuncting which means inevitable, reality changing transformations are going to happen, especially for you Capricorns out there.

Pssstt… by the way, if any of you have Capricorn in your chart, you’ll want to do a quick double take because you’re not getting out of this. If you have Capricorn in your chart– birth chart that is, you’ll be feeling the effects of this lunar phenomenon in those particular areas.

This will be the start of a massive shift that culminates with the January 12th, 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction ( at 22 degrees). That’s what this eclipse is pointing towards – a journey that will involve the death (Pluto) of the old order and birth of new structures/rules. For some of you, 2019-2020 might bring a confirmation of power. For others, a purge that wipes away what they currently have. The majority will depend on how your responsibilities and resources are currently being handled.

This eclipse will present the first hints of what’s coming. Are you on the right track or does something need to change? Remember that Saturn is about being accountable.

This eclipse will make a sextile (flowing and cooperative aspect) to Neptune in Pisces, so the clash won’t feel so hard, more dreamy to be frank. It’ll remind you there’s a dream or higher goal in the works. If you play your cards right, you can speak into existence a belief that goes beyond your immediate reality. A higher goal. And lets face it: if you’re not trying to move up in life,

What the hell are you doing?

So it won’t be all about power, intensity, and rules. Water energy will be working in the shadows while that go-getter Earth/ Capricorn energy dominates. Foundations that your life are built are about to change- perhaps there’s a physical change. It would be a good time to reevaluate these foundations and maybe even set up new boundaries. Evaluate yourself. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and he’s all about reality checks–maybe you need to grow up?

Now Capricorn is famous for being the CEO’s of the Zodiac along with Scorpio. But try to avoid the dark side of the Sea-Goat’s energy. Every Zodiac sign has it’s shadow side, and Capricorns are famous for their Intelligence, yes. Their ambition, of course. But also their ruthlessness, not being afraid to step on others on their way to the top, lack of empathy and a knack for superficial charm. All the elements of a great CEO.

Or a psychopath.

Don’t come for me, I just have to tell it like it is.

So what have we learned today? This eclipse and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will not let anyone off the hook that easily, but the good news is you have a heads start a year in advance. And if you’ve been hanging tight with the Saturn/Pluto program (discipline, maturity flexibility to change) you’ll be just fine.

There might even be a gift or windfall waiting for you.

(If curiosity has piqued thanks to this upcoming lunar cycle, Check out cafeastrology to do your birth chart and see where Capricorn falls in your chart.)