Calvin Klein To Rebrand 205W39NYC & Close Their Flagship Store On Madison Ave

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein To Rebrand 205W39NYC & Close Their Flagship Store On Madison Ave.

In December we received news that Raf Simons would be stepping down as chief creative officer of Calvin Klein. They also have a new marketing and management strategy for the brand. Firstly they’ll be rebranding the 205W39NYC line as well as close their Madison Avenue flagship store.

Based off a report release by PVH, Calvin Klein plans to relaunch the 205W39NYC ready-to-wear line under a brand new name. They’re shifting their focus to a much more design centric creative direction. The fashion house also stated they plan to shift and become a “digital-first” brand.

“The new business will focus on connecting directly to all of the other CALVIN KLEIN brands and amplifying each category with unique products and aspirational experiences. The relaunched business will be designed to evolve the traditional luxury fashion model by connecting with a diverse range of communities, offering an unexpected mix of influences and moving at an accelerated pace.”

Steve Shiffman, chief executive officer of Calvin Klein Inc. added that the brand needs to “meet consumer demands by creating culturally relevant products and experiences that engage communities, by pushing fashion and culture forward.” In order to make this happen. They must streamline the brand and merge their Calvin Klein Sportswear and CK Jeans. We’ll see what 2019 holds for the fashion house but it’ll definitely be a year of change.