Boogie’s Debut “Everythings For Sale” is Here and its a Heater

Listen to Boogie’s Everythings For Sale

Compton’s Boogie has been displaying his introspective thoughts on wax since his first project’s conception and has had a knack for carrying an underlying theme. Here he sticks to his guns and creates an album that is thorough from top to bottom. Probably one of the best rappers bar for bar (see “SoHo” and “Self-Destruction”), he is never the one to try to rap your head off. Yet he is great at pensively delivering thoughtful concepts and music that see him carrying tunes at times like the Chorus of “Silent Ride” that bring out the pains Boogie has experienced in his lifetime.

His subject matter has depth and range as he tackles topics from the despairing feelings of not being a success to the battles with the mother of his son to banging his set and of course falling outs with close friends. Along with his vivid story-telling, Boogie weaves his flow effortlessly between the instrumentals and  you can hear the aches from his valleys and his exuberance from his momentary peaks. The album features the likes of Eminem, 6LACK, JID, and more. This album is hot from top to bottom and this deserves to be a well-received debut from Boogie by the mainstream media. Don’t waste any more time, press play and dive into Boogie’s world song by song. Play the album below and leave your thoughts in the comments.


  • Silent Ride
  • SoHo (feat. JID)
  • Skydive
  • Skydive II (feat. 6LACK)
  • Whose Fault (feat. Christian Scott)
  • Self destruction

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