Andre 3000: New Movie and Music

Half of the Outkast duo, Andre 3000, has graced us once again. This time, not only with his lyrics, but with a big screen appearance as well.

The Big Screen

Credited as Andre Benjamin in the upcoming film “High Life”, he plays a character named Tchemy. In the trailer, 3K’s character appears to be the crew’s gardener. This sci-fi thriller also stars Robert Pattinson as Monte, who is attempting to raise his baby daughter aboard the ship. Traveling as a group of death-row inmates, they are on a dangerous mission into outer space. But once several crew members disappear, it is up to Monte and his daughter to survive all the threats that space throws in their path. Check out A24’s haunting trailer of “High Life” below.

Music Feature

Although Outkast nor Andre himself have released any new albums in the recent years, we do get to hear him featured on James Blake’s newly released album: Assume Form. The single, “Where’s the Catch” features Andre 3000 with a futuristic, acoustic sound until the beat finally drops during 3k’s spectacular verse. Reward your ears with a listen below.

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