Yungeen Ace Vents in New “I Can’t” Video

Watch Yungeen Ace’s New Video

Yungeen Ace out of Jacksonville, Fl has been having a bizarre year. From being shot to losing his close friends and finally ending up imprisoned, nothing is seemingly stopping him from his stampede to the top.

In this video he’s wrapped in chains, as if to say he’s a slave, while rocking pendants and jewels. It’s very dark and surreal.

Can’t smoke no weed so I can’t smoke away my pain/

Can’t seem to vent cause in the end they all gone change/

Never love again can’t trust a soul, they all want fame/

I’m on Probation, one mistake I’m locked up in them chains/

True to the song’s lyrics, Ace violated his probation and is now serving a 12-month sentence with 7 months already served. He should be out in January, so that’s great news. He was facing 20 years at one point.

In all of his music, you hear the pain in his voice as he repaints surviving the wild streets of Duval.

Of the newer artists to catch my eye, Ace is my personal favorite. Hopefully he can find solace in his music and escape the trials and tribulations of the street life.

Watch the video below and keep an eye out for the next great artist out of Florida.

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