Why Was Daredevil Canceled After Being One Of Netflix’s Top Shows?

Study Shows Daredevil Was Netflix Fourth Most Popular Show, So Why The Cancel?

When I heard Daredevil got canceled from Netflix it confused me. My friends and I all scratched our heads. We all understood why Netflix canceled Iron Fist. The first season wasn’t very good, and although the second season improved a great deal. It really didn’t live up to fans expectations. Shortly afterward, Netflix canceled Luke Cage and that really stirred the pot.. Luke Cage was a great show and was better than Iron Fist by a long shot. Let’s just say that fans were not very happy about Luke Cage being canceled. Then when Netflix broke the news that they were cancelling Daredevil, fans decided that they’ve had enough. Deadline reported that Parrot Analytics compiled a study that ranked Daredevil as the fourth most popular show among every single digital original in the US.

To give you some perspective on why this cancellation didn’t make much sense. The only other original digital series in the US that ranked higher than Daredevil in viewership were NarcosThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Stranger Things. So Netflix is obviously in the lead when it comes to streaming services. The study measured “desire, engagement and viewership.” In the last week of November, Daredevil finished with almost 30 million on-demand expressions. Deadline also reported that although Netflix was able to host the popular shows on their platform, they had “zero ownership stake in the IP” of the Marvel shows. That doesn’t sit well if Netflix had to pay for production costs for the Marvel shows.

Furthermore, Disney will be launching their own streaming service, Disney+ in 2019. So you’ll likely see a lot of Disney content pulled off Netflix. We all love healthy competition but will users pay for two streaming services when they only had to pay for one before? Let us know what you think. Lastly, for more canceled..I mean entertainemtn news, Margot Robbie Wants to See Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s Relationship on Screen.