Replay Luka Doncic’s 21 point Game & 4th Quarter Takeover

Luka Doncic Proves to be the Real Deal

Luka Doncic is running away with the rookie of the year race and it’s not even close. Perhaps the most pro-ready prospect in recent NBA Drafts, Doncic displays a great all-around game and has a knack for making plays.

In this game, Doncic scored 21 points in a myriad of ways and even went on an 11-0 run by himself in the last 2 minutes of regulation.

At only 19, Doncic has an EuroLeague MVP under his belt and has transferred his rugged yet eloquent skill-set into the NBA.

He loves to shoot the step back 3-pointer, even when he has the pull-up jumper more available. Even more crazy than that is I’ve seen him hit that shot at an insanely high clip.

What makes Luka so special to me is his intangibles. He’s 6’8 with Point Guard instincts and a deadly jumper. Oh and he has no known weakness.

He plays harder than his opponents and is just a very intelligent player. If they gave him the rookie of the year award tomorrow, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

A few weeks ago I chose Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as my ROY pick(I’m sticking to it), knowing full and well Luka was the real deal. It could be worse. The Atlanta Hawks front office has to be a bit devastated missing out on a can’t miss prospect(I’m sad for them).

Watch the Highlights below and let us know who you think this year Rookie of the Year will be in the comment section.

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