LeBron vs Wade: Final Act

Watch Lebron James and Dwayne Wade Play Their Final Game Against One Another

Its been a long time coming, but Dwayne Wade announced earlier this season that he plans to call it quits after this season. Enter the farewell tour.

LeBron James, perhaps Dwayne’s closest friend in the Association, has no intentions of slowing up. He’s still improving from a statistical standpoint season-to-season.

Wade has enjoyed one of the best NBA careers in the history of the league. When he and James teamed up on South Beach, they dominated early and often, making it to the Finals four consecutive years and winning twice.

Of all the success they enjoyed, it is this photo that best portrays their dominance together:



Described for many as the best Sports Photo ever, LeBron had yet to win his first trophy until he and Wade became teammates. It could be surmised that their dominance reshaped the league that we now see today.

Most fans decried “SUPERTEAM” when the heat ran through their favorite squads on a routine basis. In today’s NBA climate it’s almost a necessity to have at least two superstar caliber players to compete on a nightly basis.

In their final match-up before Wade retires, there was a lot of emotions displayed throughout. LeBron and Wade both compiled double-doubles with points and assist, but the Lakers edged out the Heat by 3.

In the waning moments of the game, the best friends guarded one another and I noticed neither wanted to concede the other the win.

These are the moments we enjoy as fans. To see one of the greatest players of our era ride off into the sunset with grace.

Watch the Highlights below and try to hold back the tears!