LeBron James and Lonzo Ball Etch Their Names in Lakers History Books

LeBron and Lonzo Both Drop Triple-doubles in the Same Game

NBA Beware, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to take form.

Two nights ago, LeBron James and Lonzo Ball found themselves in rarefied air as they became the first pair of Lakers’ teammates to both secure triple-doubles since Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did it back in ’82.

LeBron finished with 22 points 12 rebounds and 11 assists while Lonzo compiled 16 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assist, 5 steals and 2 blocks

They become the first pair of teammates to accomplish the feat in the NBA since Jason Kidd and Vince Carter did it back in 2007.

LeBron has been on a tear all season, so his trip-dub is far from surprising. Lonzo, however, seems to be a target of criticism for most disgruntled Lake Show fans.

There should be no complaints about Saturday’s game and if this is a sign of the future, it’s going to get very scary for opposing teams and point guards, alike.

The Lakers consistently turned defense into offense by way of steals, blocks and rebounds. Once they got running in transition, a bucket was all but theirs as they went on to trounce the Charlotte Hornets, whom of which are 7th in the East playoff standings.

This was a close game until the Lakers broke it open after the half.

Watch below as LeBron and Lonzo terrorize the Hornets in a multi-faceted fashion.