Kodak Black is “Dying to Live” on New Album

Kodak Black Drops the Much Anticipated Dying to Live

True to form, Kodak released his second studio album today and the streets rejoiced.

Coming just under 50 minutes of airplay, Kodak gives fans an array of different flavors and it all works.

The intro track, “Testimony”, was Kodak’s most recent single and quite possibly the best introduction track I’ve listened to all year.

Kodak’s strength has always been his vivid, truthful story telling lyrics. As his contemporaries seem to revel in celebrating the street life, Kodak’s honest take is refreshing.

In the “Identity Theft” song, Kodak talks his shit. The beat reminds me of an old Cash Money/ Hot Boy track and Kodak does his thing. He rides the beat while boasting that if he indeed had to, he would revert back to his old ways.

The song “Malcolm X.X.X.” features a Malcolm Little soundbite as Kodak recounts old friendships and even mentions the late XXXtentacion’s passing:

X was tryna buy a bike and he got gunned down/

X was tryna change his life he got bunned down/

X wasn’t riding with no pipe so he got gunned down/

Kodak tells truths about the world he comes from that is sobering and cause most listeners to think of their own trials and tribulations.

This album is as good as I felt it would be, if not better.

Standout tracks include:

  • Testimony
  • Take One
  • Malcolm XXX
  • Calling My Spirit
  • Close to the Grave
  • If I’m Lying, I’m Flying
  • Could of Been Different

Listen to the album below and enjoy your Friday and weekend!