Gunna’s Takeover of the Rap World in Review

Gunna is 2018’s Breakout Artist

The first time I was made aware of Gunna as an artist was on Young Thug’s classic project Jeffrey. A relative unknown at the time, I did not think much of him, but as one of thug’s homies getting a chance to make his own music. Fast forward two years and Gunna is arguably one of the most buzzing new artists in the game.

I was reintroduced to Gunna earlier this year, but not in the most conventional way. Everyone was so enamored with his label-mate Lil Baby, as Baby had just released his Harder Than Ever mixtape. I would hear people compare Lil Baby and Gunna to Young Thug, as if to say they were carbon copies of the Slime Boss.

I consider myself a huge supporter of Young Thug’s music, so i did my due diligence and dove into Lil Baby’s Harder Than Ever first. Had a lot of great songs on there and I could somewhat see why people compared him to Thug. To me they are about as similar as apples to oranges but that’s neither here nor there.

Time and time again, however, the songs that featured Gunna happened to be the ones I would revisit more frequently than the others. Most fans of Lil Baby would say how they thought Baby was the better of the two. I had not yet formed an opinion since I’ve yet to listen to a Gunna project.

Fast-forward a week or two and I played Gunna’s Drip Season 3. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Never one to confuse Gunna for J. Cole or someone of that stature, Gunna offers a unique touch to the music industry that is mostly unmatched by anyone else. His cool, multi-syllabic rhyme schemes are rarely forced and is always on point. His dichotomy for designer clothes and street tales makes him the ambassador for suave dope boys trapping everywhere. All jokes aside, Gunna is one of the most talented artists that makes what I’d consider trap music.

Gunna has yet to release an album and I’m honestly anticipating it if it ever comes to fruition. He mentioned that Drip or Drown 3 would release before the year ends, so he has less than a week in that regard.

It seems like every artist from every corner of the contiguous United States enlisted Gunna’s services to complete a song. It is common to see him on a lot of rap artist’s projects, but even he and Mariah Carey have a song together, “Stay Long Love You”. That’s pretty good for an artist that started this year with a minimal buzz.

Gunna’s Drip or Drown 2 is what made me realize his star potential. Although it lacked much media coverage, the EP is comprised of hit after hit. His Drip Season 2 is no different. It is his “Belly of the Beast” track that really reeled me in as a believer.

Perhaps one of my favorite songs from his catalog, Gunna is in peak form. Pain in his voice, vivid story-telling and a knack for vocal inflection, this track causes me to have several emotions at once.

The other song that made me believe Gunna was destined for stardom was his track “Top Off”, which is on Drip Season 3. I’d fight tooth and nail to say this is the best song of the year, although many would probably like to disagree. I have nothing bad to say about this track. Gunna, as effortlessly as ever, confidently carries his cadence throughout the whole song. The line that did it for me was “went and bought my b*tch a lex-us”. He made a minor diversion from his tune but in the most subtle way possible. So subtle that it took me a while to even hear it.

Gunna and Lil Baby released Drip Harder and set the streets on fire. From there, Gunna has been working relentlessly on features. He missed out on a big one, however, as his manager hung up the phone on someone representing Camila Cabello. She wanted him on her hit single “Havana” in which his Boss Young Thug happily accepted in Gunna’s stead. The track went on to become Young Thug’s First chart-topping single. Ah well.

Gunna’s future is immensely bright, and he seems ready to carry the torch for the next wave of rap superstars. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated with Gunna’s music.

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