Get to Know YNW Melly

Watch YNW Melly’s Documentary

YNW, from Gifford, Fl, is blowing up fast in the rap game. With hits like “Murder on My Mind” “Blue Balenciagas” and “Butter Pecan” its easier to understand the millions of views he’s garnered on youtube in such a short period.

From watching the documentary you’ll visit Gifford with the YNW collective, some who are no longer with us (R.I.P. Sak and Juvy), and get a up-close and personal look at Melly’s upbringing.

Melly says he always knew he would blow up as a rapper even when he faced so many detractors and obstacles along the way.

He cites having a Chris Brown CD at an early age and references Brown as one of his biggest inspirations.

The documentary interviews his mother, who had at him while she was 14, and she says she knew she had a special lil boy when he was young. As early as 5 years of age, Melly began singing and dancing in front of crowds while waiting for his mom to finish her shift.

As Melly grew older, he found deadly ways to protect himself from those he says “walked around with they chest poked out, thinking they bullies”. He would pack a pistol or two just to go to school.

Eventually Melly ended up in jail for shooting near a school but says that time in jail helped him focus on his rap career. Once he hit the streets he’s been up ever since.

YNW Melly posted a picture of him hanging out with none other than Kanye West. Keep an eye out for Melly as this is just the beginning on a wild run.

Watch the documentary below and let us know if you’re feeling Melly.


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