Batman May Face The Court Of Owls In The Next Batman Game.

We May See a New Batman Face The Court Of Owls In New Batman Game.

The Arkham Batman games changed the way we play superhero video games. The Dark Knight was able to move around Gotham City freely, they even included his famous Bat Mobile in the last one. Even games like the new Spider-Man were heavily influenced by the Arkham Batman games. DC’s game is obviously much darker. You have to be stealthier and strategy plays a big role in your success. They’ve seemingly found the recipe for a successful superhero video game. So how do you follow a hit game like this up? Well in a new tweet from Arkham developer Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina. She really got fans talking and speculating where the franchise may go.

Vezina tweeted a picture of her in a shirt that resembled the Court of Owls logo. For those who don’t know, The Court Of Owls and The City Of Owls are two of the best comic stories to come from DC in recent years. In the comics, the Court of Owls is an ancient group of Gotham’s wealthiest families. They manipulate politics and world events. They know the true identity of Batman and almost defeated him for good. If Warner Bros can materialize this story into a game, they may have another massive hit on their hands.

Take a look at Vezina’s tweet below and Let us know how you feel about it. Is this a reach or do you think fans may be onto something here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Lastly, for more entertainment news, Watch the New Captain Marvel Movie Trailer.

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