[WATCH] Vince Staples x BigBoyTV Interview

Vince Staples Talks Album, Love Life and the Passing of Mac Miller

The ever so candid Vince Staples was interviewed by the legendary Big Boy. In what was a little over an hour in run-time, Vince talks the concept of his new album FM!, growing up in Long Beach and how he began his rap career.

Vince excels in being relatable. He is the one calming force in the game that doesn’t need money, cars or jewels to make an impact. Although he isn’t against others being flashy, he realizes its not him.

Vince talks about his upbringing and is brutally honest to a fault. He admits that he came from a middle-class family, but in no way was a road to easy street. Gang life and just being a bad-ass little kid got him in trouble from time to time.

He even calls his mom and we get to hear it from Momma Crip herself. Vince even goes on to say “my momma and YG momma will knock out any other rappers’ moms”. When can we set this up?

Speaking to the album, FM! features Big Boy as a radio personality and the album functions almost as a radio station. With commercials and guest appearances by Earl Sweatshirt, Tyga and more, Vince keeps the features from Cali.

He talks of his love life and it may shock you to find out how he carries himself in relationships. He says he doesn’t smash groupies either, very surprising to say the least but believable cause it’s Vince. His take on marriage was

“Why You gotta sign a paper to say you fuck with someone? That sound like snitching”

As the interview begins to conclude, Big Boy asks Vince about Mac Miller. Vince says he always told Mac to take care of himself, but that he, vince, never thought Mac would die an early death. He does say that “the good ones do go early though” speaking back to his days running the street.

My favorite part of the interview was when they all pondered over the cover of Vince’s album. He thought Pete Wentz was apart of Green Day, but also says Pete’s mom looks exactly like Gladys Knight!

Watch below as Vince has never been or will never be the typical rapper.



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