Vince Gilligan Announces Breaking Bad Movie

Breaking Bad Movie in the Works

Breaking Bad, best television show ever Breaking Bad, is getting the big screen treatment, or so says its producer Vince Gilligan. The plot is said “to follow a kidnapped man and his fight toward survival and freedom set in the same time frame of the Breaking Bad series”. Filming is set to begin this month and the overall run-time of the film will be a bit over 2 hours long. The main characters Walt(Bryan Cranston) and Jessie(Aaron Paul) of the original series are not yet involved and it remains to be seen if they will be at all.

I personally feel like Better Call Saul was the only spin-off the show needed, but I would be remiss if I were to tell you I didn’t somehow want more Breaking Bad. I’m doubly excited as I am wary of this movie negatively impacting the legacy that Breaking Bad has already. It’s the perfect show the way it is and Better Call Saul gave us a sense of nostalgia to see how everything came into place.

A Breaking Bad movie doesn’t seem like it will add anything to the series as much as it will take away from its greatness. Breaking Bad won us over with its deliberate attention to detail. It took half of season one for Walt to even find himself a drug kingpin in the making. To see something truly so beautiful be squeezed into the mundane plot of a 2 hour film might be excruciating. Breaking Bad is so good that I’ll give the movie a chance. Let us know in the comments in you’re excited or letdown by the news.