Smino Releases Second Album “NOIR”

Smino Rolls Out Second Studio Album Noir

NOIR. BLACK. Unapologetic about it too, Smino is proud to revel in everything NOIR. The St. Louis rapper releases a fun album full of vibrant instrumentals that remind me of a dizzying SPEAKERBOXXX/ THE LOVE BELOW sound. Smino’s quirky outburst can be closely reanimated in a jazz or blues scat session. There ain’t no one doing like Smino in the streets, you can bet that.

This album is good, great even, front to back. Smino’s vivid imagery coupled with melodies on top of melodies on top of intricate melodies, you’ll find yourself in deep thought and while moving simultaneously. Although the year is about over, I’m sure this will make it to my favorite albums of the year. Play this instant classic below and enjoy your weekend!

P.S. the track PIZANO goes f*ckin’ crazy! KRUSHED ICE is cool too(my favorite track, so far)