Gina Brooklyn Connects With Bones703 for the Smooth Record “In My Mind”

Up and coming songstress and award winning singer/songwriter Gina is no stranger to making moves in the industry. At seventeen years old, Gina signed a multi-year publishing and international digital distribution deal with Ingrooves Music Group out of California and she has been rolling ever since. Gina is currently working on her 6 song EP with Universal Music Group producer Idris Aquil that’s set to drop December 28th, 2018. “In My Mind” is a melodic affair that finds Gina delivering relatable lyrics about journeying back in a relationship to a time when things were much more smooth. Gina’s strong vocal delivery is put on full display over the ethereal Idris Aquil produced record with Bones703 matching the vibe of Gina perfectly. “In My Mind” serves as Gina’s 3rd single and is set to drop on October 27th, 2018.


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