Duke Will Dominate the College Basketball World

Sports Illustrated


The NCAA basketball season is among us. Don’t worry, it’s all but decided who will cut down the nets in March; barring injury. Duke looked like the most complete college basketball team I have seen in a long time. The best players RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson looked every bit the part of the best players in the nation. I had class til 10pm last night and missed the first few minutes of the game, but as soon as I was able to tune in Barrett was going completely insane.

I saw him splash a 3ball and thought “okay, outside game? check”, then saw the in-between game and his tight handle and was blown away. There is no distinct weakness in this kid’s game and what’s even scarier is the behemoth that is Zion Williamson waiting in the wings. Watch this one man fast break by RJ Barrett below

It looked as if he would throw the Demi-God Zion a lob. NOPE. RJ took it upon himself to bring the house down. At times last night, it looked as if RJ was the best offensive prospect to enter the college ranks since Kevin Durant enrolled at Texas. He’s that good!

Duke played with a comfortable double digit lead most of the night and unlike most teams, the intensity they displayed throughout the contest was awe-inspiring. Tre Jones, the younger brother of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Tyus, ran Duke’s lethal fastbreak offense to perfection. Not trying to do too much and just letting the athletes be athletes, Jones was able to find a nice groove throughout the night forcing the issue.

Duke is so good their third leading scorer, Cam Reddish, scored 22 points and I barely saw him shoot the ball. There is no selfishness on this team and everyone seems to put the team first. This is Alabama-esque dominance, Golden State Warrior perfection ahead.

Now, to talk about Zion Williamson. A lot of folks complained about him not facing stiff competition in high school. Or that his lack of a jumper means he wont amount to much past being a prolific dunker. Well I have always thought different and here’s why. When I watched Zion’s highlights I saw elite playmaking ability along with supreme athleticism matched with the body of an offensive lineman. His floor is higher than a lot of people’s ceiling and its crazy how good he is. His first college attempt came from the 3pt line. SPLASH.

Watch this Zion play where he makes an other worldly block, start the break, throw a nasty dime and RJ finish at the other end. Basketball purists should salivate at the mere thought of a season long of this.

I could go on and on about how Zion Williamson amazes me, rightfully so, but another thing I saw out of last night’s Duke’s team was the hustle displayed by rotation player Jack White. No he isn’t a five-star prospect but to me he will be the most important player for Duke down the stretch. His hard nosed, blue collar play style initiated a lot of stops last night and i look for that to continue throughout the season. He even almost finished with a double double. Not too bad for someone coming off the bench.

Kentucky shouldn’t let this drubbing get them down; Coach Cal will have those guys ready to play by tournament time. Coach K, this year’s team is Championship or bust. I already have them penciled in my bracket, I’ll look for this team to compete with the 2011 Kentucky team statistically. Let us all sit back and rejoice at the juggernaut Coach K has assembled.