My Secrets to Traveling the World While Working Online

Jenny in her favorite city, Cape Town, known the be the most beautiful city in the world.
Petting baby camels in Jordan. A day after Jenny was taken to see locals’ caves in Petra. Yes, some of them still live in caves.

I’ve been traveling the world while working online for 2.5 years now. I know, I know – my life sounds already like a dream. And it is. Because even though I survived malaria, had to catch a scorpion when it got lost in my tent, was robbed in Madrid, and almost had the Egyptian police called on me, I still wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ve been able to stay at 5 star hotels and ride a helicopter for free, tour Hamburg’s red light district with a real pimp legend, document the stories of Zanzibar’s first female tour guide and Egypt’s first pole dance studio owner as well as see lions and join several safaris.

And these stories are what I live for. They are the reason I travel. Meeting people, bringing cultures together and inspiring others to travel to make this world a more open-minded, accepting and loving place is why I wake up every morning.

But enough about me, I’m sure you want to hear how the hell I’m able to do all of this and better yet, how you can do it, too.

After a six hour hike through the night at Trolltunga in Norway. For the last three of the six hours on the way back, Jenny had to take of her shoes because her feet hurt so much.


  1. Find out what you love and how to get paid for it


Nobody found his/her passion overnight – you really gotta dig deep. Journal on this and read books. You don’t want to be traveling the world doing things you don’t like/love. There are a gazillion of things you can do online – teach English to Chinese kids; have your own coaching business; launch an eCommerce store; write, edit, and design; manage social media and my favorite: make passive income. Because who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep?


  1. Give all your stuff away or sell it, and become home-less


Traveling the world long-term is a minimalist endeavor. If you want to be free  – mentally, physically, emotionally – as Young Jeezy says, you have to get rid of your stuff. Don’t keep ties anymore. Let go of your apartment, furniture, books, things that you kept from your ex, clothes, etc.

I live out of a big suitcase and a carry-on and have never been happier. If I buy one piece of clothing, another has to go.


  1. Build an online presence


Once you’ve found out what you want to be doing online, build an online presence around it. Have a website and choose social media channels that are favorable to getting your message across and put your work out there! Make sure to keep it professional – rants and negativity don’t fly here, so be who / what you want to attract. Be active on social media and update your website regularly, so more people can find you.


  1. Find jobs / clients online


Finding jobs and clients online has never been easier. I’ve either found most of my jobs and clients on Facebook or through my online network. Nowadays, I have people come to me via word of mouth – I don’t even know them or who referred them, but somebody must have and that’s dope!


  1. Safe on accommodation


The following are my favorite and best travel hacks with which I safe thousands of dollars per year: I take care of people’s houses and pets while they’re on vacation. That way I not only save on rent, but I also get to spend time with animals, because having a dog or cat is impossible for me. How I find people? Via Trusted Housesitters or Facebook expat groups.

You could also join Workaway – work about 20 hours a week for someone in exchange for accommodation and food. Workaway is available in most countries around the world.

And if you don’t know Airbnb yet – here you can stay in locals’ homes for less than what you would pay for at a hotel. That’s why Airbnb is my favorite. Get $40 off your first stay here.


  1. Book cheap flights


To get the best deal on a flight, follow the following tips: ONLY use incognito tabs on your Internet browser, otherwise airlines will save your data and your flights will become more and more expensive each time you look. Book and fly on Tuesdays – that’s when everything is cheapest. Travel during off or shoulder season. Definitely sign up with all the airlines to get these miles. Also, choose a credit card which lets you accumulate these miles and perhaps even get you a travel insurance as well as hotel and car rental discounts.


  1. Travel slowly


Traveling slowly will keep you sane. You have time to explore a country, get to know locals, and make friends. Also, you will be able to enjoy sightseeing when you take things slowly, rather than trying to cram in all the must-sees as well as working. Doing the latter at the same time can result in a burnout. Give yourself 1-3 month in a country, depending on the visa and how long you want to stay and dig deeper than travelers who are just able to spend a short vacation there.

So, this is how you can travel the world while working online. If you’re curious what it is that I do

Seconds after this picture, the current dragged Jenny down the river, 2 small waterfalls, a few bruises and cuts later, she was able to pull herself out.

exactly: I’ve been a virtual assistant and translator for the past few years but I’m slowly transiting out of it. I want my main focus to be on producing documentaries on African female entrepreneurs and online hypnosis. That way, I can inspire more people to travel the world and create the life of their dreams.


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Jenny working from her “office” in Dahab, Egypt.