Ralph Lauren’s ’90s Polo “Hi Tech” Collection Returns For Fall/Winter 2018.

Ralph Lauren’s ’90s Polo “Hi Tech” Returns For 2018.

When you looked at Ralph Lauren‘s iconic ’90s collections. They all featured bold colorblocking, oversized logos and pulled inspiration from sportswear. This year a lot of those concepts move into the latest limited edition collection from Polo. What we find here are direct reinterpretations of the early ’90s “Hi Tech” line. The collection features outdoor themes such as bright fishing vests, striped rugby shirts, pocketed cargo pants and Polo Bear-branded sweater. Every piece brings a sense of nostalgia, even the t-shirts feature throwback logos. We really like the “POLO RAFTING CLUB” quarter zip sweater. Polo did a good thing by bringing this collection back and we’re sure fans of 90’s Polo Ralph Lauren will enjoy this collection.

You can take a detailed look at the collection below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Shop the collection on Ralph Lauren’s web store while it lasts. For more fashion news, Balenciaga Unveils $10,000 USD Seven Layer Coat.

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