Curren$y Shows Us Consistency is Key

It seems the Jet Life CEO, Spitta Andretti, has no off button.

With 12 albums, a few EPs and over 50 mixtapes under his belt, personal feelings aside, you should put some respect on his name. Shante Franklin, better known as Curren$y, consistently provides us with audio dope of the finest quality.

In between world tours and dippin’ with his Cruise Life homies, the New Orleans native continues to score the motion picture we call life in the most player way possible. This year alone has given us, The Spring Collection, Parking Lot Music, Air Freshna EP, and the Marina EPHonestly, I can barely keep up with release dates, yet somehow every time I go searching I find gems, old and new.

Not long after the May delivery of the Marina EP with Harry Fraud, Curren$y announced coming album, Fire In The Clouds. Then the Covert Coup rapper hosted a competition on IG where fans designed album covers for FITC. While this was going down, Spitta continued dropping doses for all the lifers, most recently That and This

It’s hard to speak on all the accomplishments of a mover and shaker of this caliber. With a record label, car club, clothing brand, cannabis strains, and I’m sure plenty things we’re not privy to, where does personal life fit in? Well, I’m not sure. However, I was excited to see the announcement on Curren$y’s IG, Lulu, his leading lady, has got a young pilot in the oven. Congratulations are in order.

Without further ado, I recommend you get toasty, and listen to a few of his latest releases below until the August 31st release of Fire In The Clouds. Also, be sure to check out the Album Review: Laurel Halo – Raw Silk Uncut Wood