Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sara Phillips is an multi-faceted independent pop/soul/r&b singer and songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. After years of crafting her songwriting and vocal abilities while living in living in New York City, Sarah was able to secure slots performing at some of New York’s most storied venues, and touring across North America. Sara wrote, co-produced, and recorded her self-titled debut EP.

It’s not easy to put raw emotion into your music yet Sara Phillips is no stranger to expressing herself and views through her lyrics. “Here’s To You” finds Sara reflecting on a lost love in a melancholy affair. The Jimmy Visine produced track compliments Sara’s melodies perfectly as the songstress sounds at home over the production. The This is the perfect record to cruise through the city to or even kick back and enjoy mimosa’s to. Check out “Here’s To You” below and follow Sara Phillips around the internet.