Kachinga Releases The Deep “Sky Falling” Album

Kachinga has been making music since the age of 14. Having been influenced by such icons as Kanye West, Feist and Jay-Z, all of these names have come to influence his sound alongside his own vibrant and unique personality. Beginning as a member of collective Skool City and since branching out into his own persona alongside the production of Lava Cru, Kachinga is now backed by Three Entertainment Group. Kachinga has worked hard to pave a new path for his sound, often described as genre-bending, combining elements of Hip Hop and RnB with rock and indie influences. With two EPs under his belt already (“It’s Raining” and “Bloody Nose”) as well as opening for Childish Gambino as a feature with the band The Lytics, Kachinga is destined to make waves with his inspired fusion of sound.

Sky Falling is an album that has been in the works for three years, originally as part of the collective known as Skool City. After some restructuring, Kachinga emerged as lead artist, alongside production team Lava Cru and backed by Three Entertainment Group.

When asked about the project, Kachinga said “The album was inspired by a journey of loss and learning, the struggle to find a balance between the good and the bad in life, and serves as a reminder to find the good within the bad and to acknowledge and accept the bad with the good.”

Check out the first two singles, “New York” and “Balance” below



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