TV Review: Black Lightning S1E1: The Resurrection

Black Lightning Gets Lit in the Series Premiere of The CW’s New Show!

Black Lightning is the latest Superhero show to premiere on the television network The CW. It follows the return of the metahuman Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) from an ordinary high school principal to Freeland’s most beloved vigilante. His return is prompted when the lives of his daughters are threatened by the local 100 gang. The show is the first of it’s kind, centering around an African-American superhero family.

Much like Marvel’s Luke Cage, Black Lightning represents a much-needed hero to the Black community. Featuring relevant talking points to the African-American experience. Exploring themes of police brutality as well as crime in African-American neighborhoods, all of which are explored in the premiere episode. The show is also packed with a killer soundtrack.

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Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) Powers are activated when he is wrongfully pulled over for a petty robbery.

The show manages to tie in several nods to African-American pop culture. Such as cameos from the likes of Nina Turner and Roland Martin as well as a dope Afropunk reference.

The opening episode is a great introduction to the series, written and directed by acclaimed director Salim Akil (also an exec producer). The episode brilliantly introduces the show’s main protagonist, as well as develop Pierce’s two daughter’s Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain). Both of whom are integral to the show’s plot, as their involvement tends to attract the villains.

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Speaking of the villains, in this episode we’re introduced to two villains. One being the gang leader Lala (William Catlett) and the other his boss the kingpin, Tobias (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III). Both offer sinister portrayals by their actors and have well-developed involvement in the overall plot.

However, the episode does have one particular fault, namely the episode’s climax. The fighting sequences in previous scenes were quite flawless however the final fight in the episode is a bit lackluster.

Despite that, the show is off to an excellent start and has been the most viewed episode for The CW in two years. Black Lightning, like Luke Cage and Black Panther, offer a quality representation of the African American experience in the Superhero and fantasy genres.


Review: Black Lightning S1E1 - The Resurrection
Great Writing
Cultural Refrences
Great Casting
Subpar Action