Producer Spotlight: Wolf Manticus

Wolf Manticus is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist proving that there’s more to music than theory. He composes and produces electronic symphonic music (think Game of Thrones) for soundtracks and the like mostly by ear – but you’d never know.

Despite learning the cello as a child, Wolf Manticus says that he “never understood notes, keys and time signatures”. He was inspired to pursue music by seeing Star Wars as a child – listening to the opening music play. In the years that followed, Wolf Manticus taught himself to play guitar and piano while listening to hard rock and heavy metal, “trying out new things and experimenting on my own”.

All of this comes together in his current offerings: epic, mood-setting, cinematic gold. Wolf Manticus’ work tells a story, each and every piece inspired by something. His cache of music comes from his own life experiences, while he uses stories from film projects to custom-make the perfect score (and his BA in Film/Animation doesn’t hurt either).

Wolf Manticus credits Hans Zimmer and Trent Reznor, among others, as inspiration. I’m sure we’ll be seeing his work alongside some of theirs soon.



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