The Top 10 Strongest Remaining Warriors In the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power

This week’s unsurprising elimination of the over-powered Saiyan Warrior Kefla (Kaulifa and Kale fused), has left the tournament of power with under 20 minutes left and only a handful of powerful warriors. If you’re like me, you may have been a little dissatisfied with the level of power that Kefla is shown to possess as the fighter easily surpassed many of the fighters who will appear on our list today. Here’s a look at the strongest remaining fighters in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power following the elimination of Kefla.

10. Piccolo – Currently tag teaming a pair of Namekians with his apprentice Gohan, Piccolo is still one of Universe 7’s most formidable warriors.

9. Brianne de Chateau – Universe 2’s warrior of Love with the ability to transform into Magical Girl Ribrianne, Brianne has been held her own against, Goku, Android 17 and others. While her move sets are silly and a bit annoying at times, the fact that she’s still active in the Tournament of Power after receiving so much screen time is a testament to her power.

8. Gohan – Like many viewers, I’ve been disappointed with Dragon Ball Super’s portrayal of Gohan. It is probably a little generous that I’ve listed Goku’s eldest son here ahead of warriors like Brianne de Chateau who while a little silly, has been holding her own against some of the Tournament of Power’s strongest fighters while Gohan has appeared nearly pedestrian as he struggles against the other universes weaker fighters.

7. Android 17 – After making his return to the Dragon Ball world after nearly a decade away, Android 17‘s return came with a power up allowing him to face off against Super Saiyan Blue Goku in preparation for the Tournament of Power.

6. Dyspo – Heavily resembling the God of Destruction, Beerus, Dyspo is an extremely fast warrior though his speed wasn’t enough to match that of Universe 6’s Assasin, Hit.

5. Toppo – A candidate to become the next Universe 11 God of Destruction, the Vegeta to Jiren’s Goku, Toppo is a hot-blooded fighter with a strong desire for justice. Currently dueling with Vegeta, Toppo has shown that he is able to match up with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form.

4. Freiza – While Freiza just finished watching Goku’s epic elimination of Kale and Kaulifa’s Kefla, Freiza is one of Universe 7’s strongest warriors and he has yet to even be tested in the Tournament of Power.

3. Vegeta – In my opinion, Vegeta is one warrior who hasn’t receive his due since the Tournament of Power begun. His team up episode with Cabba was cool but I’ve been expecting to see the Prince of All Saiyans unleash mayhem on opponents. Though the Saiyan prince currently appears to be evenly matched with Toppo, I’m sure the master strategist will pull a trick out of his sleeve allowing him to turn the tides of this battle.

Goku Ultra Instinct in Tournament of Power

2. Goku – Universe 7’s strongest warrior Goku, has had a target on his back since the Tournament of Power begun. With fighters targeting him and forcing him to exert countless energy, it’s great that Goku has begun learning the Ultra Instinct technique which has made him nearly as formidable as Jiren even when pushed to his absolute limit and on the brink of loss.

Jiren Meditates in Tournament of Power

1 .Jiren – Also known as Jiren The Gray, the leader of the Pride Troopers and strongest member of the Team Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power, Jiren is the only combatant in the Tournament of Power that it is said that a God of Destruction cannot defeat. Having already defeated Goku’s new Ultra Instinct form, Jiren is easily the most powerful warrior in the Tournament of Power, for now.