Lamborghini and MIT Unveil The Terzo Millennio

Lamborghini & MIT Join Forces to Create the Terzo Millennio

Lamborghini Connects With MIT and Create the Futuristic Terzo Millennio.

Electric cars and autonomy are becoming staples in the automotive industry. Last year Lamborghini started a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create new concept cars. Reportedly costing the Italian automaker about $232,285 USD per year. Now to show off all their hard work, they present the Terzo Millennio meaning “third millennium” in Italian.

The concept car will use specially-designed super capacitors that offer more peak power, regeneration, and a limited degradation rate. Furthermore, the energy produced by the supercapacitors will power the four-wheel drive, four-motor setup housed inside the wheels. In addition, the Terzo Millennio’s carbon fiber exterior will not only be lightweight but feature self-healing capabilities and serve as spare energy storage. And finally, the electric supercar will be able to drive itself both on and off the track. Check out the Terzo Millennio below and head over to Lamborghini to learn more about the concept car.

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