Hailing from the Inland Empire region of California, Maya Huyana (MaYah) recently released her latest project, the heart felt “Rebirth”. Being influenced by artists such as Erykah Badu, Jhene Aiko, and Kendrick Lamar, MaYah effortlessly fuses her soulful tone with dope hop hop bars making MaYah a force to be reckoned with. Having first started creating art at the age of 4, MaYah has come a long way in mastering her skills. “Rebirth” takes her last mixtape, the successful “Paralysis of Analysis” and builds on the momentum felt from that tape.

Rebirth –
The first record on the project, “Rebirth” is a smooth ethereal affair that finds MaYah delivering potent uplifting bars over a wavy beat. The messaging is positive, the flows strong and the beats dope on this one. The name track, “Rebirth” is a perfect indication of what listeners are in for when they pop on “Rebirth”.

Inner City Dialogue – Inner City Dialogue allows MaYah to spit over a soulful classic hip hop beat showcasing a masterful delivery and the hook is an added treat on this one as MaYah’s vocals glide from word to word.

Come Here – “Come Here” is one of my favorite records on the project for it’s chill vibes and MaYah’s silky smooth delivery. “Come Here” is perfect for just riding to or kicking back and relaxing to. The song symbolizes a departure from the structure of the other songs felt on this project with MaYah saving her bars for later in the record and choosing instead to deliver cool, airy vocals.

MAYAH’S JAM – The soulful “MAYAH’S JAM” is another one of my favorite records on the project and it finds MaYah crooning over a smooth neo-soul back drop. MaYah sounds at home as she delivers wavy harmonies over this one.

Say Yeah (The Calm) – Say Yeah is another neo-soul banger that spotlights MaYah’s vocal abilities as she delivers real lines that are sure to relate to the soul.

Soul Food – The instrumental to Soul Food is by far my favorite one on this project as it serves as the perfect backing for MaYah’s infectious harmonies and cool lyrics.

One Of Us – One of us serves as the perfect closing track as MaYah poses listeners with a number of deep thoughts and questions that leave listeners thinking.

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