Essentials: The Very Best of BIGBANG (빅뱅)

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[dropcap size=big]B[/dropcap]igbang has been the reigning kings of K-Pop music for the last decade. Making their debut in 2006 via a reality show. This five-piece South Korean boy-band went on to become a global powerhouse.

Consisting of rappers, G-Dragon and TOP, and singers Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Bigbang mixed Korean pop with elements of hip-hop and electronic music. Matching their eclectic styles to create one of the biggest brands in music. Donning them the title as the Kings of K-Pop.

Today we will be examining the hits that help launched Bigbang into global superstars. We will be looking at group releases only, however, their solo material is worth checking out.

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Since their debut in 2006, the quintet has released three albums, five EPs and a number of international reissues and live albums. We will be focusing on the hits from their Korean only releases, including their EPs.

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 F**K It (2016)

One of the band’s more recent singles released. F**k it was a first for a K-pop tune to top charts with a controversial title. Taken from their third album Made, the Electro Hip-Hop song is a mature turn for the iconic quintet. In its opening week, the song debuted atop the South Korean music charts, before eventually winning song of the year. The track even found success worldwide selling over a million copies worldwide.

Sunset Glow (2008)

A remake of the 1988 Lee Moon-se, Bigbang flipped the pop ballad over a Dance-pop sound. Taken from the group’s second album the track help establish them as one of South Korea’s acts to watch.

Tonight (2011)

The title track from Bigbang’s fourth EP marked their first big comeback since 2008. The electrifying track became one of the standout songs of the year. The song even managed to introduce Bigbang to international territories.

Bad Boy (2012)

The swaggeriffic Bad Boy borrows influence from Golden era Eastcoast Hip-Hop. A song about the classic tale of a good girl loving a Bad boy. The song is taken from the band’s 2012 EP Alive, the song managed to peak at #2 in Korea and helped propel the album’s international success.

Lollipop (feat. 2NE1) (2009)

This next track was another smash hit for Bigbang. Created exclusively for the LG Cyon to promote the new phone. The song acted as a backdoor debut for the band’s sister group 2NE1. Interpolating the classic 1958 hit, the catchy song helped move phones and downloads. This eventually opened the band to more brand deals, and launch 2NE1 into stardom.

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Loser (2015)

In order to promote their upcoming third album, Bigbang released a series of double A-side singles. Each single titled with one letter from the album’s title “Made”.The first was the laid back PR&B tune “Loser” which is about not feeling adequate to meet your lover’s expectations. The song was paired with the equally melodic track, Bae Bae. Loser eventually won the prestigious Golden Disk Award in Korea.

Love Song (2011)

The pop-rock influenced Love Song comes from the reissue of the band’s 2011 Tonight EP. Love song is the cry of hating the love song that reminds them of the good times they had with their now former lover. The song managed to top the charts across the Asian music market while introducing them to Western markets.

Fantastic Baby (2012)

In 2012, Big Bang made their comeback with the EP, Alive. Featuring eight brand new songs, none caught the world by storm like the energetic Fantastic Baby. Accompanying an equally rambunctious music video, Fantastic Baby helped propel the group to further international success. The album ended up topping the charts in Asian as well as chart internationally. Becoming the first K-Pop album to chart on the Billboard 200. This eventually paved the way for their label mate Psy to top the charts with the hit Gangnam Style later that year.

  하루하루Haru Haru (2008)

Taken from their third EP Stand Up, Haru Haru is a heartbreaking torch song. Translating as “Day by Day” in English, the record is about getting over a troubled breakup. The song has become so popular with their fans it became one of their signature songs, being performed at almost every concert tour.

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거짓말Lies (2007)

After debuting in 2006, Bigbang was having trouble finding a hit song that would stick. Enter 2007, the group broke out of obscurity with electropop number Lies. the song was so successful, it managed to top the Korean music charts for several weeks and put Bigbang on the path to becoming the Kings of K-Pop. Eventually Bigbang would be come a world wide act.