Sandy Pearlman, Bones and Keysha Freshh Release “All The Wrong Places” EP

"All The Wrong Places" EP by Sandy Pearlman & Bones and Keysha Freshh
Sandy Pearlman, Bones and Keysha Freshh Give Us The Solid “All The Wrong Places” EP.

The All the Wrong Places EP brings together the boom bap sensibilities of Toronto MC Keysha Freshh with the eclectic hip-hop style of Toronto performers Sandy Pearlman & Bones. This combination along with producer Sandy Pearlman’s influence results in a refreshing revival of 1990s G-Funk with a modern edge that reflects Sandy Pearlman & Bones’ characteristic experimentation with electronic and punk genres.

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Thematically, the EP is both brash and playful, and deeply personal. Throughout, Keysha and Bones draw from each other’s unique energy and style to develop a call-and-answer rhythm that sounds simultaneously fresh and comfortable. The three tracks, “Pet Peeve,” “Peel Off” and “All the Right Places” are introspective with attitude, demonstrating the continuous growth of both Sandy Pearlman & Bones and Keysha Freshh, and the distinct possibilities of great Toronto music collaborations. You can listen to the EP below via Spotify and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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