Samsung May Play A Huge Role In The Development Of The iPhone 9


We wrote a previous article about all the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8, unless you’ve slept under a rock. It’s a pretty well-known fact that Apple‘s upcoming phone will be featuring a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which will be produced by Apple’s rival Samsung. Samsung’s chip-making devision lost their contract with Apple years ago, Samsung dominates almost 95% of phone-sized OLED panels. So Apple is having to depend on a bigger supplier for critical iPhone components, which happens to be one of it’s biggest rivals in the same space.

Apple has no plans to become a hardware manufacturer for iPhone’s components itself, so the company licenses or leases its parts to Chinese factories like Foxconn or Pegatron. However, Samsung is reportedly going to play an even bigger part for iPhone 9, as Apple will continue their partnership with Samsung to produce new chips for the upcoming smartphone. The rumored size of the chip is 7nm — the smallest yet — could be twice as efficient than the current iPhone 7, which has a 10 nm chip. The smaller the chip the more space you have for a bigger battery, memory, or other components. This could be a win-win situation for the rivals as signing a contract for next year’s iPhone would undoubtedly help the financial dip Samsung took with the massive Note 7 recall.