China has officially banned Canadian singer Justin Bieber from performing in China because of his behavior on and off the stage. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture states the ban is a step to “purify” the country’s entertainment industry. It does seem as if the ban is conditional in hopes Bieber may improve his behavior. This may be because of the 23-year-old singer-songwriter’s known history of drunk driving and drag racing.

A fan posted a question on the Beijing culture Bureau’s website asking why Bieber wasn’t allowed to perform in China during his tour in Asia this past September. “Please give a detailed explanation of why Justin Bieber is not allowed to come to China! [He] has won many major awards, which demonstrates his extraordinary talents. Why aren’t mainland fans given the right to enjoy his performance?” she asked.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture responded “His inappropriate manner has caused public discontent. In order to regulate the market order of show business in China and purify the market environment, it was decided that performers of inappropriate behavior will not be welcomed.”

The Bureau continued “We hope Justin Bieber is able to improve his conduct as he grows up and will once again find public favor.”