Dragon Ball Super’s Strongest Universe 7 Fighters

With Dragon Ball Super finally kicking off the 80 man battle royale known as the Tournament of Power to entertain Zeno, here are rankings for the 10 members of Goku’s Universe 7 Team. With Episode 96 symbolizing the warriors first entering combat, now we must wait to see if Universe 7’s Warriors are ready to fight for the existence of their entire universe.


10. Master Roshi – Also known as the Invincible Old Master, Master Roshi is over 300 years before the events of the original Dragon Ball even take place. A master of martial arts, Master Roshi is responsible for training Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, The Ox-King and more.

9. Tien – Being one of the strongest Earthlings and a devoted martial artist. Tien is always up for the challenge of fighting alongside Goku whenever threats to the Earth occur.

8. Krillin – Beginning as one of Goku’s first rivals, that relationship quickly dissipated as Krillin grew to become Goku’s most trusted companion. Krillin is courageous and kind-hearted and always ready to help save the world regardless of how overpowered he may be by foes. Currently working as a patrolman and taking care of Marron with Android 18, Krillin appears to have regained his fighting spirit in Dragon Ball Super Episode 76.

7. Piccolo – An extremely wise warrior, Piccolo is the final child and reincarnation of Demon King Piccolo, one of Goku’s most fierce opponents as a boy. After teaming up with Goku to defeat Radditz, Piccolo develops a mutual trust with Goku and forms a close bond with Goku’s first son Gohan. The bond between Gohan and Piccolo will be interesting to see throughout the Tournament of Power as the pair team up to unleash powerful team attacks as shown in Dragon Ball Super Episode 90.

6. Android 18 – The twin sister of Android 17, originally one of Dr. Gero’s evil android creations, Android 18 now spends her time caring for daughter Marron with her husband Krillin. It will be interesting to see if the fighter has kept up with her training and if she can still hold her own against the heavy weights in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power.

5. Android 17 – Once an ordinary human, Android 17 was transformed by Dr.Gero along with his twin sister Android 18 into a cold Goku-killing machine. With the defeat of Cell and his return to life, Android 17 has dedicated his life to protecting an island full of animals and his zoologist wife. Dragon Ball Super episode 86 reintroduced fans to the power of Android 17 as he matched up evenly with Goku even in the warrior’s Super Saiyan Blue form.

Ultimate Gohan

4. Gohan – Goku’s eldest song, Gohan generally lacks a passion for fighting and prefers to only fight when it is absolutely necessary. An intelligent man, Gohan’s years of study should make him a master tactician and allow him to command Universe 7’s warriors well though it will be interesting to see whether or not stronger warriors like Golden Freiza or Vegeta respect his commands.

Golden Freiza

3. Freiza – Once the emperor of the universe, the mischievous Freiza has returned to life yet again as the tenth member of Team Universes’s team for The Tournament of Power thanks to Majin Buu’s hibernation. Having learned to sustain his Golden Freiza Form, Freiza has been able to reach new heights with his strength as evident by his ability to escape and control Sidra, the God of Destruction’s Energy of Destruction while even Goku struggled to escape the power’s hold.


2. Vegeta – The prince of the fallen Saiyans, Vegeta is egotistical and full of pride as he works diligently to become more powerful than Goku. Having evolved from a villain to an anti-hero to a hero, Vegeta’s growth has been seen immensely throughout Dragon Ball Super. The warrior has been training very hard for the Tournament of Power as shown by him utterly destroying the Hyperbolic Time Chamber while training…again.

1. Goku – The main protagonist of the entire Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super has seen Goku reach heights paralleling the Gods. Training with Whis and Beerus has allowed Goku to take his strength to scary levels with other universes being shocked at his combat ability. While there are 80 warriors in the Tournament of Power, Goku vs Jiren the Gray is the fight that Dragon Ball Super fans are waiting to see. Teased in the new intro to Dragon Ball Super, Jiren is stated to be even stronger than Universe 11’st Toppo with whom Goku has previously struggled against.