5 Dragon Ball Z Characters We Wish Got More Love

With Dragonball Super nearly reaching Episode 100, here’s an analysis of characters from the show’s extremely long canon that were given the short end of the stick. Poor writing and lack of development are often issues that plague Akira Toriyama’s writing and here are 5 Dragonball Z Characters that were underrepresented and under appreciated during the show’s run.


5. Pikkon

Pikkon (パイクーハン, Paikūhan)


Speaking of Pikkon, a fighter of the Other World who appears in the Other World Tournament, Pikkon is presented as a powerful warrior, rivaling Goku in multiple filler episodes. After matching up well with Goku in the tournament, Pikkon literally served no additional purpose throughout Dragonball Z other than taunting Kid Buu as the pink demon searches for Goku and Vegeta. For a warrior who matched up so well with Goku you would think that Goku would call on Pikkon in future battles instead of say Tien or Krillin.


4. Freiza’s Family

While Freiza has been brought back to life by Goku to participate in the Tournament of Power, his even more powerful father King Cold served literally no purpose in the Dragonball Z timeline while Freiza’s brother Cooler isn’t even canon. Freiza could have presented much more of a threat to the Z fighters with his family as his multiple followers tend to be quite underpowered compared to Goku and friends. King Cold had potential though he serves no purpose other than to be quickly disposed of by Future Trunks as well as to be punished by Goku and Pikkon during the Majin Buu Saga.


3. Uub

When the Majin Buu Saga ended, Uub showed up in the final two episodes as Goku’s successor as the guardian of earth. A young boy who was born as a pure-hearted reincarnation of Majin Buu, Uub really never has the opportunity to effect the Dragonball time line due to poor writing though towards the end of Dragonball GT he merges with Good Buu in order to fight the much stronger Baby though he isn’t able to finish off the over-powered Villain.


2. Goten


Goten never got the chance to develop as a character and aside from playing side-kick to Trunks, Goten’s potential as a character was never realized. Introduced in the final Dragonball Z Saga, Goten showed extreme power at a young age but despite looking just like his father, he is never chosen as a successor to Goku. Trunks participates in numerous arcs in Dragonball Z, Dragonball Super, and Dragonball GT while Goten literally did nothing to affect the plot of Dragonball in any way. If Dragon Ball Super ends and a new spin-off is conceptualized, a Trunks and Goten show is a great idea that will give fans insight into Goku’s youngest son.


1. Tien

Tienshinhan was introduced during Dragonball as a superior fighter to Goku. Training at a rival school to Master Roshi’s Tien was in many ways a true rival for Goku with moves rivaling the hero’s. Early on Tien is shown to be stronger than Goku but when Goku receives a power up after training with Kami, Tien is motivated to train to match Goku. In Dragonball Z, the once proud warrior’s legacy becomes less and less important as his greatest achievement during the show was stalling Cell utilzing his Tri-Beam attack for a few minutes that felt like forever.  After showing strong development during Dragonball and being Goku’s first rival to start as an enemy and join his team, Tien deserved more in Dragonball Z than a kamikaze match with Super Buu to end the series. We can only hope that with his inclusion in the Tournament of Power Tien will return to glory.