Leaked Images of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Reveal Super Sleek Design

BGR.com/ Muhsin M.

A leaked image of Samsung‘s so to be released Galaxy Note 8 has surfaced, and shows some of the phone’s possible features. Up until this leak, there wasn’t much to know about the upcoming smart phone, which is rumored to be in development and is set for a August release date. As well as showing the smartphone’s all-round sleek design, the leak also implies the rear fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been dropped. It also appears from the leak that Samsung’s new phone could have an even greater screen-to-phone ration than earlier releases from the Korean tech company. Unfortunately, the leak doesn’t give any clues as to whether the previously reported revamped S-Pen, voice assistant or 4K resolution display have made it to the final verson of the Note 8.