Electronic duo Swing Cash have been making a lot of noise with their single “Stars”, being featured in various blogs and magazines online and racking up plays online. With their new lyric video for “Stars” they are trying to bring the message of the song into the spotlight.

“I’d had most of the main elements of Stars’ in my head for a couple years, but I’d never gotten around to really work on it” says Tomás Shannon, producer and multi-instrumentalist in Swing Cash. “I knew I wanted the verses to talk about superficial concerns, conformism and this feeling of being trapped in a lifestyle that we know is not the best but we can’t get out of. With that concept, the verses had to have this claustrophobic and tense sound. The choruses had to be this cathartic release, having a massive, anthemic sound, communicating how we could rise over all those petty concerns”.

When showing the demo to Adrián Ofman (vocals and lyrics), Shannon explained the concept. “Honestly, I was a bit stuck with this idea. I knew it had the potential to be a great song, but that really started to happen once Adrián came back with his first draft of lyrics. Some ideas we kept working on and developing, but when I first heard the lyrics and line he had for the main hook, I knew that was IT.”

With lines like “I strive for fake perfection that might set me free”, the verses are all about materialism and the entrapment it brings. The chorus breaks this train of thought by stating “And the stars… They just break that spell for me”.

You can check out the rest of the lyrics in their new lyric video here:

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