Black Seed Oil, Increase Penis Girth Try Black Seed Oil
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5 Things To Know Before Trying Black Seed Oil

Earlier this year, I made a post on my personal website about my haul to a local Natural Food chain called Chamberlin’s. I got a lot of feedback regarding the benefits of Black Seed oil that I had listed in the post. Since that post I had been using the product almost daily, and have seen a great increase in a lot of different aspects of my overall health, I managed to dodge colds this winter, I managed to lose about 15lbs of fat and even saw a better function in my joints! Those are just a few of the things that it has helped me with personally, but there are other claims that have been reported by several different sources on the overall holistic benefits of taking Black Seed Oil daily.

Black Seed is known under various different names such as black cumin, black sesame seed, onion seed and coriander seed, it is said to be the cure for everything but death. I decided to try it out for myself, however after reading many reviews on the taste of the oil and my friend telling me it’s tough to swallow I decided to try out the soft gel tablets instead. The specific brand I use is Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil, which contained with about 90 soft gels. I developed a routine to see the best benefits of it, it is recommended to take no more than 10 pills a day, so I chose to take two in the morning and two when I went to bed.  After a couple of months of taking them, I started to include the actual oil in with the soft gel tablets, sometimes ingesting it with drinks or applying it to my joints and even my penis (I’ll get into THAT later lol). I have seen great results and I would like to share with you the various different benefits of using it!


It Can Heal Your Liver!

 The liver is a vital organ to the human body and is often one of the easiest to be damaged from lack of care for your body. For instance, if you’re tossing back drinks regularly you run the risk of liver disease, not only that but damage can be caused by certain over the counter prescriptions and lack of intake of water. Your liver is important because it digests fats to balance out your body. The chemicals in black seed oil work fast and are quite active in healing your liver. In a recent study, scientists discovered that black seed oil benefits the function of the liver and helps prevent both damage and disease. (1)

It Can Increase Your Penis Girth! 

Personally, I never had any issues with the size of my penis; in fact, some might even say I am blessed in my pants. But when I started taking the soft gels I noticed my morning erections or “morning wood” was a lot harder! I hadn’t thought of the penile benefits until then, and I started to do more research, once I switched to the oil, I started to apply it to my member and over the course of two months, I saw some growth in the girth of my penis. The only way I can prove this is to post a ‘dick-pic’ but I don’t think that will be necessary you would have to just try it out yourself! 

It Can Fight Diseases like Cancer!

I first discovered the benefits of Black Seed Oil about a year ago after a close personal friend of mine was diagnosed with Cancer and was telling me about the side effects he was dealing with while taking chemo treatments. A year later he tells me he is cancer-free and plans on staying that way, he didn’t go into much detail about what he did exactly because no one thing can cure you of anything.

Many former cancer patients have openly stated the anti-tumor effects of thymonique to fight the negative cancer cells the combination of thymoquinone and conventional chemotherapeutic drugs could produce a greater therapeutic effect as well as reduce the toxicity of the latter. (3)(4)

 Fights Joint Pain!

 I have recurring pain in my hips from sitting all day at work, even at times I have my hips getting tight and even a little pain that is almost unbearable. In fact I missed a day of taking the tablets and noticed that the pain would come, so I switched to a more effective method of applying the oil to the area daily in order to reduce the inflammation and has been making my day to day life a lot easier than it used to be before I started using Black Seed Oil daily.(5)

Fights Sinuses!

 Sinus infections have been a consistent burden in my life, I have always had to put things off in order to control them or ended up passing out because of the awful drowsy so-called medicine that left me falling asleep more than it did to benefit my breathing and getting rid of the sinus pain. When I started taking Black Seed Oil, I noticed immediately the ease of comfort from using Black Seed Oil soft-gels. Many of the active ingredients in black seed oil work so well at fighting the main causes of colds and sinuses and it’s definitely recommended as a better alternative to many cold and sinus prescriptions that are heavily saturated in the market place. (6)