The Killing Joke : The First R Rated Batman Animated Film

For any of you hardcore comic enthusiasts out there, The DC universe has something big in store for summer, 2016; ‘Batman, the Killing Joke’ will be the first ever R-rated Batman film.

The film will be an adaptation of the 1988 graphic novel by the same name. Originally brought about by writer, Alan Moore, the story was created as Moore’s own take on the Joker’s psychology. Becoming renowned as the first source of the Joker being a tragic character;  a humble family man and a failed comedian who suffered “one bad day” and ultimately was driven insane as a result.


According to producers, the nature of the story will be dramatically unlike the traditional Batman movie, allowing viewers to experience a more ‘vile’ and ‘twisted’ Joker. What directors Sam Liu and Bruce Trimm are prepared to bring to the table is not only the Joker origin story, but a two-fold plot; following the villain as he kidnaps and tortures commissioner Gordon and cripples his daughter in an attempt to drive one of Gotham’s most upstanding citizens, insane.

Because all it takes is ,”one bad day”.

Furthermore as a treat for fans, OG Mark Hamill (who reportedly wanted to quit playing the Joker) will reprise the voice role specifically for the project.


Initially set to go straight to video, instead the project will receive a special one night only in theaters set for July 25, 2016. So, if you’re still recovering from the disappointment of Batman Vs. Superman, and you’re not altogether convinced of Jared Leto’s upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ performance; Batman: The Killing Joke could be the redemption you’ve been looking for.

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