A Beginners Guide to Lil B’s Based God Curse

Last week, the Oklahoma City Thunder were just one win away from a trip to the NBA Finals. Today, the Thunder are conducting exit interviews and making summer plans.

Why you ask?

lil b

While many would point to a Game 7 loss to Chef Curry, it’s a different chef that did the cooking during Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Lil B the Master Chef, Motivational Speaker, Activist, Author, Record Producer, and Rapper defeated Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder via a curse he placed on NBA superstar Kevin Durant in 2011 after the All-Star forward tweeted this:

This blatant sign of disrespect angered Lil B so Lil B decided to challenge Kevin Durant to a game of 1 on 1. After a 1 on 1 game failed to materialize, Lil B decided to curse Kevin Durant with the following tweet:

In his own words, here’s how Lil B described the incident in a piece with SB Nation:

Can you go back and remind us how this Kevin Durant curse started, for those who might not know?

So the Kevin Durant curse started, me minding my business on a regular day on the internet, talking to people who support me and love me, love my music and love my art. I’m looking through my mentions and I see Kevin Durant talking about Lil B, saying he couldn’t believe that Lil B was saying this, or something along those lines. He was saying my music’s trash. I decided to message Kevin Durant, and I said, well, if you feel my music’s trash, I challenge you to a game of one-on-one, 21. I’ll retire if I lose. And he agreed, he agreed to play me, and he followed me, we talked on (direct messages) for a little bit — it was five years ago so I don’t remember extreme, particular details.

So we’re talking, it’s the regular season, he’s coming to Oakland and I said, “Let’s play.” I guess he had some staff, some people that were really close to him, they told me to leave Kevin alone, that he needs to focus on his season right now, and let him be. And that’s when the Based God told me he had enough and he was cursed.

After the Thunder’s epic breakdown last week, Lil B had the following comments:

To date, the The Based God Curse is undefeated.

Ever heard of the cooking dance? If not, here’s a tutorial by Lil B himself:

Last year during the Western Conference Finals, Houston Rockets star guard James Harden began doing the same cooking dance as a sports celebration. When asked about the dance, Harden refused to acknowledge Lil B as the creator of his celebration. Even sharing the following picture on IG:

7days until the cook is back to work! #HTown

A photo posted by jharden13 (@jharden13) on

This displeasured Lil B and he placed a curse on James Harden.

The Rockets went on to lose the series further proving the power of the Lil B’s abilities. TheBasedGod Curse has a 100% success rate. Is TheBasedGod Curse real? Well, two superstar professional athletes have had their careers permanently changed after being cursed by Lil B. If you’re a gambling man, both Lil B and the odds makers in Vegas believe the Warriors will win the NBA title so you may want to place your bet.


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