Watch the New Trailer for Star Trek Beyond!

Director Justin Lin jumped from the Fast & Furious franchise to Star Trek Beyond, and promised an even bigger emphasis on movie action, and the movie’s latest trailer has plenty of that! The clip shows Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk getting into scrapes after the Enterprise is ripped apart by a host of alien vehicles and the crew is forced to leave the ship. They’re the kind of space adventures that should satisfy all us Treky’s fans, especially the ones who love the franchise reboot.


Lin is taking over from J.J. Abrams, who rebooted the series into a more action packed, adventure filled timeline that we all loved at first before hitting a bad note with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. (We all pretty much hated that movie for one reason. The over aggressive secrecy of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character didn’t sit well with true Star Trek fans) To shake things up for Beyond, Simon Pegg stepped in to co-write the film with TV writer Doug Jung (Banshee, Big Love). If you won’t be present for Comic-Con, you’ll at least be able to see Star Trek Beyond when it hits theaters on July 22nd.

Star Trek Beyond 1

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