Listen To Kanye’s Super Rare Beat Tape From ’97

Seems like a rare Kanye West beat tape from 1997 has surfaced online this morning. The beat tape has eight instrumentals and was uploaded to SoundCloud by a random user that goes by the name of Trilly Madison. We have no idea how he got his hands on the tape or how it got on the internet but the first track does have a mad old Kanye producer tag from way back.

We all know Kanye started off as a producer. So it’s not completely outlandish that a beat tape like this would be floating around. Naturally, dedicated forum site KanyeToThe has already discovered where a few of the tracks came from, and where the beats were used. The site also pointed out, two of the beats were used on songs for the artists Infamous Syndicate and Grav, respectively. Listen to the full beat tape below!

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