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To help my product keep up with the changing trend We Offer Custom Pouches and Pockets for your Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.26.06 AMsmartphone device THE FREE Tablet holder is not included in some brands, But with this Introductory Offer we will be giving away FREE tablet holders with each 3N1 Bag set, Studies Show more and more people are carrying two devices and we at ID&C wanted to get int the trend. (I wish Amazon Host this Unisex Product) ID&C Offer 3 years of cleaning and maintenance on each set, With Free shipping and handling on the returns of cleaned and polished products.

The Product we are submitting is a 3N1 Unisex handbag. all leather. It has different combinations of styles, so we will just submit the NEW Adjustable bag Fits two sizes, up and down each size level. 1. S/M/L this Hand Strap can be adjusted to all three sizes , standard, 2 L/XL/XXL this Hand Strap can be adjusted to all three sizes , standard

Hand Straps:. This is a retractable hand strap, YES RETRACTABLE. this is a design by Mr.Austin, me. Each hand strap has a lining of elastic string that conforms the hand straps to your body shape, This causes a hugging sensation because the bag is holding onto the body. You can adjust the size with the buckles . Each bag with buckles can adjust up to 4 times. The Elastic Pitch string adjuster will help you adjust the bag so it slides under your arm (Great for the OFFICE Worker) . Smartphone and Tablet at your fingertips, The hand straps also has a Wire & Glasses holding strap to strap them out your way when doing activities. This part will save a lot of expensive ear phones in 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.27.26 AMOrganizers:. Standard shape with Custom sized Pockets for Smartphone, The Pockets on font of the organizer are set to the size each customer provides. We ask for each customer to submit their smart phone size along with the size of the tablet with each paid order. This is part of the CUSTOMIZATION of our product , There are too many different sizes to stock it will be much easier on our team to create them as they come in with paid orders. One parts of the inner organizer will be offered as detachable (Coin Purse) for some models but most will be attached.

Shoulder Strap: Each customer will get two shoulder straps one is just a regular shoulder strap but the second one has a little surprise. The second shoulder strap is a convertible Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.28.56 AMshoulder strap that turns into a Shoulder Holster. Bu connecting two clips you can then attach your second organizer that comes with the CUSTOM SET. Just attach the center clips to form a hoop and attach the organizer to each hook. Now a XXL person can wear this bag ,

Pop out bags.: This little inventions by Austin will make every women get a quick high every time she pull it out. This velvet bag has a inner frame system of Carbon/fiberglass that was designer to help keep the bags from wrinkling, But turned out to be much much more. I’m a man and this Velvet bag just gets me:) . This will cause Jealously in a lot of women I can just fell it, and that means MILLIONS. The Pop out skeleton of flexible rebounding fiberglass sticks will beep the bag looking sharp after you remove it from it’s hidden Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.30.43 AMcompartment that helps keep the velvet flat and when you pull it out it expands with the 0.080m fiberglass making a popping umbrella sound. POPFF!!. lol his is what’s going to drive up sales 1000%. Now PLEASE NOTE the pop out bag represents the LUXURY part of our 3N1 bag, When you pull out the popout bag you can slide the organizer or smart phone flat bag into your velvet showcase. Now you’re ready for a night out on the town with the hottest product on the market.

Sale 10 Bags and get A FREE WORKING SAMPLE of the 3N1 bag set. This is my Custom Bag Collection parts. The list below represents a complete set. Unisex bag with built in Wallet/organizer. Unisex bag Flat, Unisex bag with built in Wallet/organizer + Retracting Elastic hand straps Unisex bag Flat organizer + Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.31.34 AMRetracting Elastic hand straps, Hands FREE Retracting Elastic hand straps. Velvet bag with (0) Fiberglass sticks. Velvet bag with (1) Fiberglass sticks Velvet bag with (2) Fiberglass sticks Velvet bag with (3) Fiberglass sticks Hands Free Shoulder strap Regular Shoulder strap. Hook and latch system for Kindle/Tablet/IPads holder on Bag Tablet Holder 5X8 7X9 + Hook Latch System too bag ONE TIME PRICE of $1299. One time offer for the set, Total value $2,975+


For more information visit www.fatttrixx.com

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